Semi-finished products from fish and seafood
Do you like fish? I have no piece of salty fish can not live a day. This "property of my dog's organism" I know all of my friends, and of course often come to visit "the fish". Come in and treat You!


  • Caviar

    300 g

  • Soft cheese

    150 g

  • Shrimp

    1 kg

  • Almonds

    1 pack

  • Chicken egg

    1 piece

  • Milk

    1 tsp

  • Vegetables

    0.5 kg

  • Fish

    1 kg


The recipe for this fish shared with me the companion of my husband - captain. He told me that when they sailed "zagranku" then caught "the huge size of the mackerel, the thickness of a man's hand, long half-meter. Salted it, put it in the freezer, and in the ports they were waiting for the lovers of this fish that have traded her for anything". Of course, I remember Rybackie stories. Therefore, from this story learned only "essence". So. Mackerel, salted (salted). Take the carcass of mackerel, cut them open along the abdomen to the end, respective into two parts, take out bones, remove all fins. Sapiem generously with salt - that completely covered the fish. Leave at room temperature for a day.
In a day the fish are cleaned from salts, steeped for about 30 minutes in the water. Dry it with a napkin. Sprinkle with pepper. Stacked thin plates chanaka. Wrap the loaf.
Wrap the roll in plastic wrap, stamping hands and expelling from the film air. Each fish to be wrapped separately. Put ready convolution in the freezer. A day later the fish is ready. I have a fish lying in the freezer almost always. Get it out of the freezer, cut into slices - fish, though, it's frozen, cut very easily - spread on a dish and enjoy. It is salted, oily and very tender.
I love salmon, but it is a little dry, so I often cook sea language. Pink salmon are divided into fillets, put in a container along with Maritime language, sprinkling the brine mixture and slices of lemons. Brine mixture: 1 kg fish 2 tbsp salt + 1 tbsp sugar. Put in a cool place. A day later the fish is ready. The part I leave to eat, and clean the rest in the freezer.
In the freezer I kladiva as a separate fillet, wrapped each in plastic wrap, and rolls. For rolls cut the fillet, put in a filling, wrapped. The filling can be different. For example, in one fish I wrapped sprinkled with herbs fillet of salmon, just in a different Korean carrots and pickles.
So send in the freezer
It's just out of the freezer - meats.
Those fillets that have been frozen separately, I pull out as needed. That pulled 1 fillet of sea language. Prepared vegetables: onion, carrot, bell pepper - cut into strips, tomato and garlic slices. Vegetable mixture, mix, split into 2 parts. One lay on the bottom of the jar, on top of the fish, the fish remaining vegetables and herbs. Pour a mixture of lemon juice and vegetable oil. Let stand 30 minutes. And even better night. Very tasty.
Of pink I love that this salad. Salted pink salmon pulled out of the freezer, sliced, mixed with finely chopped pickles, onions, carrots, drizzle with lemon juice and pour the fragrant oil. Delicious! However my husband says that this is not a not a salad, but the real appetizer... with vodka. I'm not arguing. When suddenly come to his friends, this snack very much even rescues.
And in this I fill the fish can eat endlessly. Get sole out of the freezer, chop, mix with the onion ( and garlic), herbs, pour a mixture of: 2 tbsp adzhika+ground black pepper+1 tsp lemon juice+ 1 tbsp vegetable oil. I recently discovered Tabasco sauce. It tastes spicy-sour. Now this fish I filled it with a mixture of adzhika, Tabasco sauce and vegetable oil. It is very tasty, I assure You.
It happens that you came unexpectedly guests with champagne, and you have to work annual report. And offer the champagne as there is nothing... Make here are blanks, they will help you with the surprise guests, and if you suddenly decided to have a romantic dinner. It's very simple. Shrimp (I was Royal) clean, leaving only the tail. First coat the shrimp in flour, the excess flour to shake off, then in batter and planiruete in almond petals. Can be breaded in sesame and poppy seeds. Only Maca planiruete one direction - this is enough. Spread on a baking tray lined with baking paper and freeze at least an hour. Frozen. folded in the package and left until X-hour. In the X hour get and without unfreezing, fry in hot oil just a few minutes. Ready. By the way, the batter keeps well - not sprinkled. The batter. The batter may be any according to your taste. I have the easiest 1 egg + 1 tbsp milk, salt and pepper.
Serve with any sauces of your choice. I like the sauce - sour cream + garlic+pickled cucumber.
My relatives have an infinite love to the colorful jars of caviar of a Pollack in a variety of sauces - from which hair stand on end. I want to offer you the counterpart of these jars - much tastier and more useful. Take the ROE ( from any fish, it's carp, I have carp ROE). The eggs have to freeze on day 4. No less. For "disinfection". When the season calf, I freeze it in portions, freeze, when needed take out and cook. So, after 4 days, the eggs pulled out of the freezer. Thawed. Prepared a brine. To 1 Cup of boiling water add 1 teaspoon of salt with a slide. Stir, let the boiling water stand for 3 minutes to slightly cool. Just not boiling. And this brine to fill the eggs. Take a whisk and start to knock down the eggs ( I used mixer). At this time, the caviar is divided into grains, the film wound up on the beater, the water becomes slightly red - blood moves away from the calf. Knocked and let it sit for 5-10 minutes in this water - caviar is salted during this time.
After 5-10 minutes procenti eggs through a sieve. Gave well to drain the water. At this stage taste for salt. If it seems salty - promotee it with water. If not enough salt - again pour the brine (the new). Here's caviar is obtained. It is ready and available to eat. Pike caviar that's what I cooked, add at this stage, a little bit of vegetable oil and you can eat.
Now take the eggs. Add to it the cream cheese. To 1 part of cheese take 2 pieces of caviar. The proportions can be anything according to your taste.
So here is the weight. At first she seems a little watery, but the bread and spoon shape keeps. Through 30 minutes it becomes very thick.
I love morning tea for such a little sandwich. And the morning immediately becomes kinder, and the clouds disperse and the soul easily and safely. I'm a "fish addict"
Bon appetit!
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