Bags of young mozzarella
What makes our holiday table? Champagne and an elegant appetizer for him! What champagne best snack? Cheese and fruit! Thin, almost transparent bags of mozzarella, which wrapped fruit and cheese salad, look very elegant. The desire of such bags you can wrap any filling. They are prepared just instantly!


  • Mozzarella

    135 g

  • Assorted fruit

    300 g

  • Soft cheese

    100 g

  • Orange zest


For this dish you will need mozerella fresh, which is sold in brine. That Mozarella that are sold cubes will not be as tender and will not raskinetsya so subtly, like tender young mozzarella balls. Fruit and Gouda cut into equal small cubes.
Ball mozzarella cut into slices weighing 30 grams. Work with each piece separately. Put a slice of mozzarella in the microwave on high for 20 seconds. Will not overdo! Cheese will stand out serum. Her, and pour out and collect the cheese into a ball.
Hot ball placed between two silicone mats, or between sheets of parchment paper, or as I like between the two leaves of the thick film. And first fingers form a circle, and then roll out with a rolling pin as thin as possible.
At the rolled circle put fruit and cheese salad.
And tied it a ribbon of orange zest.
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