Had something to feed unexpected guests from a set of products that was home. Everyone liked my fast cake and ate it very quickly.


  • Sausage

    300 g

  • Cheese

    150 g

  • Parsley

    1 coup

  • Pita

    2 piece

  • Chicken egg

    2 piece

  • Milk

    100 g

  • Salt


Beat the eggs with milk and pinch of salt. Take a baking dish (I greased it slightly with vegetable oil), put a sheet of lavash, grease the bottom of the egg mixture.
Cooked sausage to RUB on a large grater, add a few tablespoons of egg mixture, mix well and spread on pita bread. Top sausage I protrusile chopped parsley.
Top cover with a piece of pita bread, to press, to smear the egg mixture. RUB cheese on a coarse grater, add a few spoonfuls of egg mixture and spread on pita bread.
Roll the hanging edges of pita bread inside (close to pie), coat top with egg mixture and place in the preheated oven for 15 minutes.
Get you can eat!!! Bon appetit!
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