Cheese tarts-tartlets with filling
I think everybody knows the situation of unexpected guests and each family has in this case a couple of quick-fire recipes that are delicious and on the table is not ashamed to put. I want to offer another similar recipe that doesn't take much time and cost is also low, and the taste is wonderful! Tender, flavorful baskets of cheese with toppings! They are also convenient to take along on a picnic.


  • Cheese

    8 slice

  • Potatoes

    2 piece

  • Mushrooms

    6 piece

  • Onion

    1 piece

  • Sour cream

    4 tsp

  • Garlic

    1 tsp


The recipe is very simple and delicious. I cooked a trial batch, so only 4 things happened, so, take it two or three times more ingredients. Fillings can be very diverse - pickled cucumbers, beef, fish, potatoes, onions, mushrooms, chicken, ham, etc. I had a jacket potato, mashed it with a potato masher.
Then fry finely chopped mushrooms and onions until tender.
Cut four slices of cheese. The harder the cheese, the better - then it will be easier to remove the tarts from the molds.
In muffin tins put cheese slices if there is room, add more small pieces.
Mix potatoes with mushrooms and onions and put in a few spoonfuls of the filling on top of cheese.
And put another small slice of cheese to the top, you can use cropping.
Now put it into the preheated oven for 10-15 minutes, until the cheese is melted.
Ready baskets definitely cool! Otherwise, if you take out the hot, all rumpled and will not baskets, but it is not clear what!) Possible to flip them on the grill. Decorate with greens and eat!
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