Garnish crumbly rice
I offer an unusual means by which to quickly and easily cook crispy white rice of any variety, it is the "rice to the rice". Three minutes of active boiling, salt, butter, and then your pan'll do it myself. You will only serve this wonderful side dish, each piece of rice which enveloped the oil shimmers like a pearl. It is very tasty. In our family, the rice for this recipe cook for many years. You can also try this.


  • Figure

    1 cup

  • Water

    400 ml

  • Butter

    40 g

  • Salt

    1 tsp


Pour the rice in a bowl. It is desirable to use glass because the starch doesn't stick to the walls. Pour water approximately three times the amount of rice. Hands well washed rice. Tilt the bowl over the sink and drain the starchy water. Repeat this process until the water is clear. I do it 7 - 10 times.
Pour the rice with cold water, cover with a paper towel and leave for 1-2 hours, but you can from morning to evening or from evening to morning. The rice is softened and it should be cooked much less. Consequently, it retains a lot more nutrients.
Drain the water, again thoroughly rinse the rice and put it in the pan in which you cook it. For this method of cooking any dishes. But it is advisable not to use aluminum and enamel
Pour 400 ml of cold water.
Bring to the boil and cook for 3 minutes on high heat. This is very important: it on strong fire.
Add the salt and butter. This should be done at this stage.
Close the lid, remove the pan from the heat. Let it stand half an hour, and the rice comes by itself. Cover and wrap the pot does not have. Here's a handsome work.
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