Creamy cottage cheese
Creamy cottage cheese turns out very tender, it can be used for making cream cheese, perfect for children, add the greens, ham or mushrooms would be a snack and if you add berries, chocolate or syrup ready a delicious dessert, shopping e much tastier, and most importantly much cheaper. From this number of products is roughly 1kg. cheese. Costs about 300 rubles, the store Almette cheese (125g.) costs about $ 100, maybe more. To save face, for me, this cheese is just a salvation for the preparation of cakes with the cream cheese. This recipe I found somewhere on the Internet, unfortunately I do not remember the name of the author, but many thanks to this man! Try not to regret it!


  • Milk

    1000 ml

  • Sour cream

    400 g

  • Cream

    500 ml


1. To combine all the products in thick-walled pot, I have an ancient cast-iron roaster. Thick walls are necessary in order that the mixture gets evenly warmed. Stir with a whisk until smooth, to avoid lumps, cover and place in a warm place (in a bowl of warm water)for 6-8 hours, but I stood my roaster near warm (not hot)battery in about 12 hours, for 8 hours is not squarrose. When the mass is ready, it becomes dense and with slight pressure with a spatula is slightly springy. A LOT IN ANY CASE CAN NOT STOP THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE COOKING PROCESS!
2. After mass squashies, put it on the stove on a small fire and not stray from it, warm, but not boil. If you have a high utensil, like me and you make a whole batch, you can make the cuts in several places, that our ground is well warmed, you can gently move it a little to the serum filled in the slits and evenly warmed curd. When heated, separates a small amount of serum when it starts to boil (it will appear the first bubbles) immediately remove the dish from the stove. Attention needs to boil only the serum, in any case, neither curd (it should only be warm). Cover it up and leave as well warm for 12 hours, the room temperature should not be above 27°C, otherwise, our curd is just sour.
3. That took 12 hours, the cheese is ripe and now it needs to put on 6 layers of cheesecloth and hang for draining the liquid (whey) for about 6 hours when it stops dripping, the cheese is ready. If you use the cheese for cooking, cream cheese, and want it to be more dense, put it straight into the cheesecloth in the colander and the colander in the bowl with a small amount of salt and in the refrigerator for 4 hours, this time I overexposed it came out very thick, like cottage cheese, but still gentle and soft, but it is better not to risk it. I have put on top of a jar of water. When the cheese is ready remove it from the cheesecloth and use at your discretion! Bon appetit! Success in culinary creativity!
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