Cottage cheese
I want to offer you, awesome taste cottage cheese! Prepared quickly, it turns out tender, yellowish and very tasty! Taste like Ricotta! We eat this cheese without the sour cream, watering maple syrup or honey! I advise you to cook! Recipe found on the website of Yulia Vysotskaya, for which she thanks a lot...


  • Milk

    2 l

  • Yogurt

    1 l

  • Sour cream

    200 ml


That's what we need! My products were a little fatter. Of this amount, the products leaves 500 gr. cottage cheese and 2 l of whey.
Milk to boil.
Add yogurt and sour cream, stir well. The milk will curdle instantly!
Cover and let stand for 20 minutes, cook longer need!
This is what happens!
A colander to put cheesecloth (I used not needed, thin towel), gently pour the curdled milk. Gather edges of the cheesecloth, tie and hang in the air, the liquid would all drain out.
I just gathered edge of the towel, gave staci main fluid, holding a towel in the air above the pot. Wrapped, put in curslack, the future cheese covered plate and put on top of a bowl of water (the press). Leave to drain fluid from 1.5 to 3 hours. I have a liquid dripping 2 hours, I no longer needed. It turns out very tender cheese, no sour cream!
Here is a ready-made cheese!
Bon appetit!
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