Cheese any day
While in Egypt, I realized that I can't prepare any of your favorite cheese cakes or other dishes that require cheese. Local milk, or LP, or when you turned sour, becomes bitter. And then I heard an unusual recipe from the simple Russian grandmother... it's just a story. Tell:


  • Yogurt

    1 pack

  • Sugar

    2 tsp


Put a package of yogurt in the freezer.
Get a frozen package of yogurt. Cut the edge of the package. Put the frozen block in gauze.
Hung cheesecloth over the sink.
How to stop dripping whey, the curd is ready. Wanted to add that this method is convenient because the yogurt may lie in the freezer and a week until you decide you need the cheese. The only thing different yogurt turns out a different amount of cheese. But he is not sour and is suitable for all.
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