Cheese cottage cheese
Delicate light cheese, with spicy and caramel notes are ideal for dessert. Sweet soy sauce gives the cheese a special flavor. And from the resulting serum came out great pancakes!


  • Milk ghee

    1 l

  • Chicken egg

    1 piece

  • Sour cream

    2 Tbsp

  • Brown sugar

    2 Tbsp

  • Soy sauce

    1 Tbsp

  • Spices

    0.5 Tbsp

  • Serum

    250 ml

  • Chicken egg

    1 piece

  • Vegetable oil

    1 Tbsp

  • Flour


Mix egg, sour cream, sugar and spices.
Add the soy sauce.
Milk brought to a boil, diminish the heat to low and enter the egg-sour cream mixture.
Stir and heat until then, until you begin to separate the serum. Remove the pan from the heat and leave for half an hour to cool.
After an hour throws the cheese mass on a sieve to drain the whey. Then put the ground under the press and leave for a few hours. I have a special container for cheese with holes. I put the cheese mass and put on top of the weight. You can just line the sieve with cheesecloth, folded in several layers and hang. And then right in the gauze to put under the press. I left the cheese on the night and in the morning got out of shape and was served with Breakfast.
From the resulting aromatic serum I made pancakes. In serum added egg, vegetable oil and flour. Mix with a whisk.
Bake pancakes on a hot pan.
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