Cottage cheese-cottage cheese
This recipe I made not for ourselves, but for our chefs living abroad. A big problem for them to find real cheese. By trial, I still found a way. Turned so easily and without problems to convert liquid cottage cheese-cottage cheese (cottage cheese) in the ordinary curd. What can be said about him? Slightly salty and in the first few hours felt a bit cheese, but then the flavor of the "cheese" has disappeared. Try this recipe. I hope I could help, and now the delicious curd and casseroles will be on your Desk! Good luck!


  • Cheese

    400 g

  • Cheese


To prepare the ingredients.
Take a pan, put a strainer on it the gauze in two layers and spread mayonnaise.
Tie the cheesecloth with a knot and hung to drain the liquid whey. On the day, no less.
Untie the cheesecloth and remove the cheese mass.
Granular curd cheese was real CHEESE!
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