Authentic Italian Pesto sauce
Pesto is a popular sauce Italian cuisine based on olive oil, Basil and cheese. Classic Pesto is prepared using a marble mortar and wooden pestle. Pesto most often is used with pasta, in soups, with crackers or spread on bread.


  • Basil

    2 coup

  • Parmesan

    80 g

  • Pine nuts

    2 Tbsp

  • Garlic

    4 tooth

  • Olive oil

    120 ml

  • Salt


In a blender put the chopped Basil, garlic, cheese, nuts, oil.
Season with a little salt, keep in mind that Parmesan is quite salty. All whisk until homogenous.
Pesto sauce suitable for pasta, fish, meat, salads. In order to try some other, no less interesting shades Pesto sauce instead of Basil you can take: - 2 parts coriander and 1 part of parsley; - 2 parts spinach and 1 part Basil.
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