Riet chicken
Very interesting recipe with which a simple chicken can be turned into a lovely appetizer. Especially in the spring time I want a delicious but low-fat food, this recipe of these.


  • Chicken

    400 g

  • Water

  • Salt

    1 tsp

  • Spices

  • Soft cheese


Chicken is cut into small pieces, add to the pot with a thick bottom, cover with water and simmer on the lowest heat for about 3 hours with the lid closed, it is possible and more. Not need to interfere, but if the water evaporate completely, then just a little bit.
Cut the cheese into small cubes. I intentionally did not specify the amount of cheese, so I think you can individually choose, but if, for example, about 50-70 grams. for my taste, but it is possible and more.
Meat is very easily breaks up into fibers, it is this structure and need. In this recipe I like to leave dlinnenkie meat fibers.
Add cheese and with a fork, pressing down a little, stir. I like it when the cheese stays in small pieces and felt, but it does not matter, it is possible to carefully grind.
Fold the meat into the jar, firmly pressing down.
Top, you can put some fresh rosemary or other herbs.
If you have any broth they pour Riet. This recipe I like the fact that this paste turns non-greasy taste, that is, it is meat, fragrant but not greasy)))
Store in the refrigerator. You can eat immediately after cooling, but after insisting the taste is much enriched. Cheese gives a soft structure and additional flavor.
Bon appetit!
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