Spicy pickled garlic
In the process of finding the recipe for pickling garlic reviewed all possible options and on our website and on the Internet. But then I remembered that my aunt perfectly marinates garlic; although I are not lovers, but her husband wanted to treat. That's why I approached her for a proven recipe. Now I want to share with You, dear Cooks. Suddenly someone else did not have time to prepare such a delicacy?


  • Garlic

    1 kg

  • Allspice

    10 piece

  • Carnation

    5 piece

  • Bay leaf

    5 piece

  • Cinnamon

    2 piece

  • Salt

    5 Tbsp

  • Sugar

    4 Tbsp

  • Vinegar

    400 ml

  • Water

    1.4 l

  • Cumin

    5 piece

  • Rosemary

    2 piece


Separate the cloves of garlic well and clean it from the husk. Prepare also the necessary herbs and spices.
Put it on the stove in 1 liter of water with 3 tablespoons salt. Bring to a boil and drop in there prepared garlic. Leave for 1 minute, drain the boiling water and bathed our garlic under running cold water.
Pre-sterilize jars (I do this in the microwave, but whatever you like) and place 1 Bay leaf, 2 pieces of sweet pepper, 1 piece of clove, some cinnamon sticks, a bit of rosemary and a sprig of thyme. Put steamed garlic until the belt cans.
Prepare the marinade: 400 ml of water brought to a boil with 4 tbsp sugar and 2 tbsp salt. Boil a couple of minutes and pour 400 ml of vinegar. Prepared marinade pour the jars with garlic.
Banks covered with sterile lids and sterilize them banks 7-8 minutes. After that, we twist the lid.
After sterilizing and sealing jars, turn them on a towel and wrap it up for 50 minutes. Then turn over and put in a dark place. I additionally removed the black pack, so they do not get light, otherwise, the garlic may acquire a blue color.
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