Carrot juice and the secret of its use
It is the turn of carrot juice. Will not be mistaken if I say that this is the most popular vegetable juice homemade. Yet, most importantly for us, girls: is that carrot juice not only strengthens the blood vessels, and makes the skin smooth and beautiful color. But most importantly, carotene (vitamin a), which is contained in carrot, contributes to the normal synthesis of female sex hormones, which help us to stay longer young. Did you know that the only correct use of this orange drink will benefit. If you do not know, let us know.


  • Carrots

    800 g

  • Vegetable oil


With carrot's all very simple: wash the juicer put on 4 mode and slit and pressed. From 800 grams. carrots came out 400 ml. of juice. Me Oh-Oh-Oh-ry is like a glass separator from foam. The juice comes out perfectly clean, and the foam can be used in cosmetic purposes, for example, to make a mask. Just remember that it will stain your skin, so don't make carrot mask before going out!
Today for SCARLETT SL-JE51S01 a new task: spin greens! The carrot tops are a huge amount of vitamin C more than in the root and even more than the lemon. The tops of carrots are good for vision, kidney disease, vascular diseases, insomnia. Of the tops from the carrots we got probably 50 grams of juice. Although a lot of foliage scattered and she was left almost intact, but I think if you have a lot of greenery, the juice can get more. Next time I will try to re-spin the cake.
The cake was very moist, with a mild compression in the fist of it dripped juice. It is a pity to throw out – will add to the casserole.
So what should you remember to carrot juice benefits the body? Carotene is a fat - soluble element, so carrot juice, like carrot salad, you need to use any butter or cream. In the morning I drink a teaspoon of Flaxseed oil and drink carrot juice. Daughter give sour cream, but the son likes to directly into the juice poured a teaspoon of olive oil. Don't forget this little rule, if you want to benefit from carrot juice.
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